Occlusion Control

  • Mould Mate Mould Mate

    Mould Mate

    Replacement part for Occlusion Control Kit. A printed instructional datasheet on full use is included. Must be sterilized chemically. Do not autoclave.

  • Occlusion Control Kit Occlusion Control Kit

    Occlusion Control Kit

    The Occlusion Control Kit is designed to clearly establish the occlusal plane for upper and lower dentures. Use the transparent Occlusion Control Plate and Cusp Ridge Relator to eliminate guess work and quickly align the upper lingual cusps over the...

  • Setup Template

    Setup Template

    A stainless steel template .020" thickness. This round disc is used to establish the intermaxillary plane of contact during the set-up of posterior teeth.

  • Rim Former Rim Former

    Rim Former

    This autoclavable denture rim former is a specially designed hot plate used to reduce the length of upper and lower bite rims. The unique feature is a raised ledge which fits into the hamular notches of the upper cast. The ledge securely holds the rim...