• JetPAC Hybrid Injector

    JetPAC Hybrid Injector

    Injector compatible with JetPAC hybrid flask and jet flask. Full Dentures, Flexibles, Flippers, Metal, Metal-Free, and Partials The affordable, most innovative denture system Free to inject a new case every 45 sec, without limit Operates via compressed...

  • Jet Washer Pro Jet Washer Pro

    Jet Washer Pro

    Fully automatic steam boilout tank. Remove 100% Wax From 6 Snow Rock Flasks w/ One Button Touch Dewax 15 Non-Snow Rock Flasks Traditionally Sanitary and Efficient Steam, No Drain Clog or Boiling Water Specifications Size 29.14" x 22.05" x 38...

  • JetPAC Hybrid Kit B

    JetPAC Hybrid Kit B

    Inject heat-cure resin. Contains: JetPAC Hybrid Moisture Filter 2 - Jet Flask 2 - Heat-Cure Cylinder 2 - Heat-Cure Cylinder Nugget 2 - Heat-Cure Pressurization Bar Extra Seal Rings 3 - Sprue Wax (4mm, 5.5mm, 7.5mm) Check Valve Sulfon Packing...

  • JetPAC Hybrid Kit A

    JetPAC Hybrid Kit A

    Inject heat-cure plus thermo-flexible resin. Contains: JetPAC Hybrid Injector Moisture Filter Jet Furnace Duo 4 - Jet Flask 2 - Flexible Cylinder 2 - Flexible Cylinder Nugget Flexible Pressurization Bar Flexible Removal Stand Set 2 - Heat-Cure...