Porcelain Instruments

  • Slicer Slicer


    The ultra thin stainless steel blade is used for cutback of body porcelain for enamel application.

  • Probe Probe


    The tip is marked with three grooves: 1 mm, 2 mm & 3 mm for accurate depth measurement of porcelain. Saves time and enhances aesthetics as it ensures a more accurate build-up.

  • Characterizer/Explorer Characterizer/Explorer


    Two in one porcelain instrument used for the creation of crack lines and other subtle internal enamel features. The curved end is used for carving secondary anatomy and very fine depressions for internal color effects.

  • #3 Carver #3 Carver

    #3 Carver

    Porcelain Carver Designed to carve dental anatomy on all surfaces, this carver works extremely well when carving the lingual surface of anterior teeth. Is a vital tool for carving precise depressions in porcelain for application of modifiers.