• Papillameter Papillameter


    A measuring device used in the construction of the Esthetic Control Base. It provides a guide for the length of the wax rim (Esthetic Control Base) and precludes the usual time consuming procedure of reducing a bulky wax rim. It measures the vertical...

  • Alameter Alameter


    The Alameter is used for selecting the correct size of Personality Molds for patient. The instrument measures the widest part of the nose at the alae, indicating cuspid-to-cuspid distance (center of cuspid), as it was before edentation. A printed...

  • Rim Former Rim Former

    Rim Former

    This autoclavable denture rim former is a specially designed hot plate used to reduce the length of upper and lower bite rims. The unique feature is a raised ledge which fits into the hamular notches of the upper cast. The ledge securely holds the rim...

  • Transform Impression Trays Transform Impression Trays

    Transform Impression Trays

    Three heat-moldable sizes and separate designs for dentate and edentulous patients require much less impression material, resulting in less shrinkage and superior fitting restorations. Enhanced anatomical shape Strong and disposable Good retention...

    $9.95 - $13.95
  • Megatray Light Curing Tray Material, 50/box, 2.2mm Pink

    Megatray Light Curing Tray Material, 50/box, 2.2mm Pink

    Megatray™ is a light curing resin wafer that is simple and fast to use. Used for custom impression trays and esthetic control baseplates. The universal form and the consistent thickness of 2.2 mm of Megatray allows the production of upper and lower...

  • Creating Natural Dentures TechBook Creating Natural Dentures TechBook


    Creating Natural Dentures TechBook

    A comprehensive book that teaches all the skills and steps for producing esthetic natural dentures. Learn a new, profitable skill or use it to increase your current production efficiency.You'll learn: All the muscles and anatomical features of the mouth...