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    Radar Articulating Paper

    Radar Articulating Paper

    At only 40 mictons thick, this thin Swiss-made paper ensures highly precise bite markings on all materials, wet or dry. Radar Articulating Paper gives dentist and lab techs the precision of film and foil with the ease-of-handling of thicker papers. Red...

    $9.13 - $10.47
  • Denture Student Kit

    Denture Student Kit

    A complete set of tools for a student to learn denture prep, setup and waxing. Rim Former  Ness Matrix Waxer Wax Knife Alameter Vertimeter Papillameter Occlusion Control Kit Bow Compass Lead Pencil Ruler S-301 Greenstones (12) S-313...

  • Transform Impression Trays Transform Impression Trays

    Transform Impression Trays

    Three heat-moldable sizes and separate designs for dentate and edentulous patients require much less impression material, resulting in less shrinkage and superior fitting restorations. Enhanced anatomical shape Strong and disposable Good retention slots...