• #7 Wax Spatula #7 Wax Spatula

    #7 Wax Spatula

    Double ended spatula. One end is used for the interdental waxing of anterior teeth, and the other end is used for carrying large amounts of wax.

  • AcryFlex Acrylic AcryFlex Acrylic

    AcryFlex Acrylic

    AcryFlex is the acrylic-based flexible denture resin that brings the workability of an acrylic material to the creation of any type of application, including flexible partials. It comes in a granule-injection format that creates a safe, monomer-free...

    $30.00 - $2,290.00
  • AcryFlex Premade Clasps AcryFlex Premade Clasps

    AcryFlex Premade Clasps

    Acry-Tone Pre-Made Flexible Clasps are claw-shaped clasps that can be easily attached to any existing acrylic denture. Using them is the fastest way on the market to add or repair a clasp. Acry-Flex molded into the shape of a clasp The shape and size...

  • Alameter Alameter


    The Alameter is used for selecting the correct size of Personality Molds for patient. The instrument measures the widest part of the nose at the alae, indicating cuspid-to-cuspid distance (center of cuspid), as it was before edentation. A printed...

  • Alma Gauge

    Alma Gauge

    Using the Alma Gauge, dentists can measure and record, on the removable plastic insert, the length and labial position of the anterior teeth as well as posterior tooth position on an existing denture. The insert is then sent with the case to the lab. The...