Crosspin Model System


Consisting of a unique dowel pin and sleeve design, low profile model former and matching drill bit, the Crosspin Model Pin System has been a standard for labs for over 25 years. The unique cross shape prevents rotation of the die while the straight pin design allows the die to be raised without causing instability.

Crosspins come in two lengths- the standard 22mm that is similar to all other dowel pins and the 15mm length. The shorter pin does not sacrifice stability, but allows a 32% savings in model stone and shipping weight. Technicians also like working with the lighter weight models.

Crosspin pins and sleeves can be used in several combinations. The long pin-short sleeve combination allows a portion of the pin to be set in stone for maximum stability. The short pin and long sleeve keeps the ease of using the short pins while ensuring no stone interferes with the insertion and removal of the dies. The long pins and sleeves combination is the most popular. 

Crosspins are precisely engineered for simplicity, stability and ease of use. The low-profile model can save 32% in base stone material cost while the single pin design speeds production.


The Crosspin system includes:

  • 22 mm pins with sleeves
  • 15 mm pins with sleeves
  • Drill bit
  • Low-profile full arch model former
  • Left quadrant model former
  • Right quadrant model former
  • Crosspin Refill Crosspin Refill

    Crosspin Refill

    Crosspins Dowel Pins Includes 1,000 Crosspin dowel pins and 1,000 sleeves.   Crosspins are available in 4 possible combinations to fit any model and die requirement.  Standard pins and sleeves are 22 mm long.  Short pins and sleeves...

    $78.38 - $153.94
  • Crosspin Intro Kit Crosspin Intro Kit

    Crosspin Intro Kit

    Want to try the Crosspin System? Our Starter Kits come complete with everything you need to really test the precision, stability and retention of Crosspins.  Choose either short pins (15 mm) or both short and long (22 mm). Crosspin Intro Kit Kit...