• Easy Vest

    Easy Vest

    Easy-Vest Easy-Vest is a high quality, high-speed investment for crown and bridge work, as well as for all pressable systems. The unique ability to use this material for all purposes enables laboratories to reduce inventory and overhead. Easy-Vest...

    $11.18 - $98.21
  • Investment Ring Investment Ring

    Investment Ring

    Investment Rings The AP 200 and 300 are designed with many special features. The tapered form makes it easy to release the investment out of the rubber mold, which reduces the risk of micro fractures that lead to ring failure. The AP 200 and 300...

    $89.27 - $100.59
  • Safety Belt Safety Belt

    Safety Belt

    Safety Belt The AP safety belt is a device that prevents ring fractures during the press cycle. No more ring failures! Now Risk-Free press cycles! During the process of a press cycle, there is a possibility of ring fractures. This can happen due to...

  • Plunger Maker

    Plunger Maker

    Plunger Maker With the tear free silicon material, individual press plungers can be poured with the leftover materials of the investment using the Easy Vest. Using the AP plunger maker will lower the cost of the investment by 50%. Each time a ring...