Model and Die

  • Advantech Die Sealer

    Advantech Die Sealer

    A paint-on acrylic resin for sealing and hardening stone dies and models. Water proofs and seals stone surface without layer build-up on the die. Protects margins and reduces abrasion. Individual consistency controlled by using AdvanTech Die Sealer...

  • Transform Impression Trays Transform Impression Trays

    Transform Impression Trays

    Three heat-moldable sizes and separate designs for dentate and edentulous patients require much less impression material, resulting in less shrinkage and superior fitting restorations. Enhanced anatomical shape Strong and disposable Good retention slots...

  • Crosspin Refill Crosspin Refill

    Crosspin Refill

    Crosspins Dowel Pins Includes 1,000 Crosspin dowel pins and 1,000 sleeves.   Crosspins are available in 4 possible combinations to fit any model and die requirement.  Standard pins and sleeves are 22 mm long.  Short pins and sleeves...

    $76.10 - $149.46
  • SALE
    Bubble-Free Liquid

    Bubble-Free Liquid

    Guarantees bubble free and smooth pourings of impression materials. Available in a 1 liter bottle and includes spray applicator.

    Was: $41.49
    Now: $30.42
  • SALE
    Advantech Dental Glue

    Advantech Dental Glue

    Use AdvanTech Dental Glue to repair loose or broken denture teeth. Includes applicator for precise placement with minimal waste. Sold in 1 oz bottle. AdvanTech Dental Glue is precisely formulated for: Cementing dowel pins into models Gluing...

    Was: $11.29
    Now: $7.99