• VeriCast OS Red VeriCast OS Red

    VeriCast OS Red

    VeriCast OS prints accurate and detailed crowns, bridges, substructures, and RPD frameworks, is durable, and burns out cleanly. It’s ideal for investment casting and ceramic pressing, and its...

  • VeriGuide OS Resin VeriGuide OS Resin

    VeriGuide OS Resin

    Whip Mix introduces VeriGuide OS, a Class I, CE certified resin material developed for the production of high precision surgical guides for use in dental implant surgery. The new material is...

  • VeriModel OS Golden Brown

    VeriModel OS Golden Brown

    Whip Mix introduces VeriModel OS Golden Brown, the latest addition to its VeriBuild print resin family. The methacrylate-based 3D print resin is made especially for dental models and removable dies...

  • VeriModel OS Grey

    VeriModel OS Grey

    The popular VeriModel OS 3D print resin is now available in grey. The methacrylate-based resin was developed for dental models printed on most open-system DLP, LCD, and SLA printers with both 385nm...

  • VeriModel OS Ivory

    VeriModel OS Ivory

    Whip Mix introduces the new version of VeriModel OS Ivory offering not only a high quality surface finish and extreme precision for models, but it can be used in any open-source 385nm or 405nm...

  • VeriModel OS White

    VeriModel OS White

    New VeriModel OS White 3D Print Resin provides the dental laboratory and office with a white colored multi-purpose model resin exhibiting a high quality surface finish and precision printed on DLP...

  • VeriSplint OS

    VeriSplint OS

    Whip Mix has developed a 3D printed resin that is rigid and durable for dental splints.  The additive manufacturing of splints provides a high level of efficiency by removing several lengthy...

  • VeriTray Neon Green

    VeriTray Neon Green

    Methacrylate based resin for stereolithography systems with solid state laser and DLP systems (λ ≤ 385nm). Ideal for custom tray impressions. Color: Neon Green VeriTray is...