Model and Die Chemicals

  • Advantech Die Sealer

    Advantech Die Sealer

    A paint-on acrylic resin for sealing and hardening stone dies and models. Water proofs and seals stone surface without layer build-up on the die. Protects margins and reduces abrasion. Individual consistency controlled by using AdvanTech Die Sealer...

  • Advantech Die Spacer Advantech Die Spacer

    Advantech Die Spacer

    Exhibiting smooth feel and flow, the Advantech series of fast drying die spacers and sealers are characterized by superb thixotropic consistency, uniform homogeneous layer thickness, and outstanding resistance against pressurized steam, scratching and...

  • Advantech Die Lubricant

    Advantech Die Lubricant

    Developed using advanced micro-film technology, Advantech Die Lubricant offers a non-oily, clean and residue free release of dipped wax copings or hand applied wax without pattern distortion. Permits close adaptation to the die for greater accuracy of...

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    Die Spacer Kit

    Die Spacer Kit

    Includes 20 ml container of Die Spacer plus 20 ml container of Die Spacer Thinner.  Choose die spacer color above.

    Was: $37.99
    Now: $27.99
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    Die Spacer Die Spacer

    Die Spacer

    Dental Die Spacer Fast drying die spacer. Resistant to all Die Lubricants. Provides a very hard smooth surface. (20 ml bottle).  Choose silver or gold above.

    Was: $21.59
    Now: $11.99