Denture Instruments

  • Papillameter Papillameter


    A measuring device used in the construction of the Esthetic Control Base. It provides a guide for the length of the wax rim (Esthetic Control Base) and precludes the usual time consuming procedure of reducing a bulky wax rim. It measures the vertical...

  • Alameter Alameter


    The Alameter is used for selecting the correct size of Personality Molds for patient. The instrument measures the widest part of the nose at the alae, indicating cuspid-to-cuspid distance (center of cuspid), as it was before edentation. A printed...

  • Rim Former Rim Former

    Rim Former

    This autoclavable denture rim former is a specially designed hot plate used to reduce the length of upper and lower bite rims. The unique feature is a raised ledge which fits into the hamular notches of the upper cast. The ledge securely holds the rim...

  • Vertimeter Vertimeter


    A convenient measuring instrument used in recording mandibular rest position. A printed instructional datasheet on full use is included. Must be sterilized chemically. Do not autoclave.

  • Ness Matrix Waxer Ness Matrix Waxer

    Ness Matrix Waxer

    This double ended instrument has a heat reservoir on one end that forms the wax, making a teardrop, to form natural looking interdental papillae quickly. The other end is a sharp concaved spoon for precision carving and also for carrying wax.