Denture Instruments

  • #7 Wax Spatula #7 Wax Spatula

    #7 Wax Spatula

    Double ended spatula. One end is used for the interdental waxing of anterior teeth, and the other end is used for carrying large amounts of wax.

  • Alameter Alameter


    The Alameter is used for selecting the correct size of Personality Molds for patient. The instrument measures the widest part of the nose at the alae, indicating cuspid-to-cuspid distance (center of cuspid), as it was before edentation. A printed...

  • Alma Gauge

    Alma Gauge

    Using the Alma Gauge, dentists can measure and record, on the removable plastic insert, the length and labial position of the anterior teeth as well as posterior tooth position on an existing denture. The insert is then sent with the case to the lab. The...

  • Dental Wax Knife

    Dental Wax Knife

    This knife is designed for carrying wax and "through and through" softening of the Esthetic Control Base when setting anterior teeth.