Snow Rock

  • AcryFlex Acrylic AcryFlex Acrylic

    AcryFlex Acrylic

    AcryFlex is the acrylic-based flexible denture resin that brings the workability of an acrylic material to the creation of any type of application, including flexible partials. It comes in a granule-injection format that creates a safe, monomer-free...

    $30.00 - $2,290.00
  • AcryFlex Premade Clasps AcryFlex Premade Clasps

    AcryFlex Premade Clasps

    Acry-Tone Pre-Made Flexible Clasps are claw-shaped clasps that can be easily attached to any existing acrylic denture. Using them is the fastest way on the market to add or repair a clasp. Acry-Flex molded into the shape of a clasp The shape and size...

  • ClearFit Polyamide ClearFit Polyamide

    ClearFit Polyamide

    Glass-like clarity Excellent esthetic finish without special burs Lab repairable Fully relineable with any soft reliner Monomer-free 100% hypoallergenic

    $30.00 - $2,399.00
  • FlexFit Nylon

    FlexFit Nylon

    FlexFit is the flexible denture resin that has similar flexibility and resilience as competitive flexibles but has an extremely aesthetic finishing result and can be directly soft-relined. FlexFit is slightly more flexible than AcryFlex, which allows it...

    $30.00 - $2,399.00
  • HardPour Monomer

    HardPour Monomer

    Highest impact strength and quality pourable on the market Excellent liquid-like flowability - extremely easy to handle and pour Top thermal color stability Fits better than the leading competitor

    $36.00 - $515.00