• Speedy Separating Discs

    Speedy Separating Discs

    These aggressive discs can be used on metal or porcelain. They are most useful as cut off discs as well as interproximal reduction of porcelain bridges. (Box of 100)

  • D-201 Diamond Disc D-201 Diamond Disc

    D-201 Diamond Disc

    .2mm flexible disc can be used for cutting and shaping porcelain interproximals. It is stiff enough to resist permanent distortion with use, yet flexible enough to soften the interproximal line angles, which create a natural-looking effect in porcelain...

  • Sidia Sintered Diamond Disc

    Sidia Sintered Diamond Disc

    This extremely long lasting and high quality sintered diamond disc is only .15mm thick, yet rigid enough to define the interproximal separations without bending or distorting. The disc features a 3mm pure sintered diamond edge that prevents black lines.