Tooth Models

  • Posterior Ness Teeth (Set of 7)


    Posterior Ness Teeth (Set of 7)

    These 7 posterior Ness Teeth are the same size as our large standard teeth.  The new lightweight polymer material is virtually indestructible, resistant to markings, and will not discolor with age.

  • Ness Plus Teeth Ness Plus Teeth


    Ness Plus Teeth

    This one of a kind set of naturally formed posterior teeth was hand waxed, carved and polished based on the work of famous German Master Dental Technician, Hans Puls. Each tooth's sulci are superbly rendered to help master ceramists build them precisely...

  • Ness Teeth Ness Teeth


    Ness Teeth

    Consists of a set of 20 three dimensional models that show all the proper cusps and ridges in the primary anatomy and the natural contours and grooves in the secondary anatomy. Each tooth is about the size of a fist, made of tough white epoxy that can be...